Foryd Harbour Road Bridge, Rhyl

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Foryd Harbour Road Bridge, Rhyl

Value: £2.5m in total

Client: Denbighshire County Council

Dawnus has carried out two bridge refurbishment contracts for Denbighshire County Council to strengthen Rhyl's Grade II listed Foryd Harbour Bridge.

The first contract involved bridge bearing replacement and refurbishment works, awarded following a successful ECI phase. In order to replace the bearings a pontoon was constructed to transport the access scaffolding suspended beneath the structure. The bridge was jacked up using 4 no. Hi Force HFL1002 cylinder jacks connected in series. The new bearings, each weighing over 2 tonnes, were replaced with replica bearings. A PTFE sliding surface replaced the existing rollers. Following concrete repairs to the superstructure, a new waterproofing system and surfacing was applied followed by the flexible surfacing and road markings.

Following the successful delivery of the first contract, we were awarded a second contract to complete structural repair works and to construct a new reinforced concrete deck. Operations included the removal of silt under the bridge, removal of the existing deck, central and external columns, and then reconstruction works including installing piles in front of the existing abutments to support new abutments, which were tied back into the structure in order to support a new deck consisting of pre-cast Y beams and reinforced concrete slab. Pre-cast concrete cladding units were connected to the abutments in order to maintain the existing bridge profile. Expansion joints were incorporated into the structure, which was re-surfaced with the existing footways reinstated.

Both contracts were awarded under the NWTRA/NMWTRA Frameworks and involved precise planning to minimise traffic disruption and road closures.

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