01 September 2014

Dawnus has been awarded a Gold National Site Award for its participation in the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) on the Princess Promenade Phase 2 project in Torquay.

The National Site Awards recognise sites that demonstrate innovation and best practice in terms of the environment, safety, the workforce and the general public. The Phase 2 project team achieved an excellent score of 44/50, and was awarded the highest level Award by the CCS.

Dawnus has completed two phases of the project to reconstruct Princess Promenade, located on the north side of Torquay Harbour. The Promenade was constructed in the 1950s, but due to serious deterioration of the concrete slabs and beams, it had to be closed to the public.

The initial phase involved demolition and reconstruction of the existing concrete deck slab and secondary beams. Dawnus were then awarded the second phase for demolition and reconstruction of the existing banjo structure, along with concrete repairs and installation of cathodic protection.

The CCS assessor said, “The team made every endeavour to maintain the views and ambience of this holiday location and preserve it for future generations. This was a highly professional site operation which showed an enormous dedication to the ethic of considerate construction.”