Joined Dawnus: August 2008
Degree: MEng Civil Engineering
Current Role: Project Manager

Can you briefly summarise your career history with Dawnus to date?

During my 4 year degree course I carried out two Summer Placements with Dawnus.  As soon as I graduated I was offered a permanent position with Dawnus. First I worked in the South West region on various jobs as an Engineer and then was given the opportunity to work in Africa. During the 5 years I spent in Africa, I progressed from an Engineer to managing the quarry division of our African operations in Sierra Leone and Liberia.  I returned to the UK to work with Dawnus in the Midlands division as a Site Agent and have since progressed to Project Manager in the South East region, looking after 3 jobs with a value of circa £9 million.

Tell us about your role, the project you are supporting and the type of work you undertake on a daily basis

I am currently Project Manager of 3 jobs in the South East - Arborfield Civils, Westcott and Newbury Racecourse. Arborfield is a new 1200 pupil secondary school where we have the packages for all the earthworks, concrete works, drainage, external surfacing and landscaping. Westcott is a 6-acre concrete slab which involves a cut fill, drainage and over 3200m3 of concrete pours.  Newbury racecourse is the redevelopment of the ground of the race course facilities, where we are contracted to carry out all the groundworks such as concrete foundations, drainage, concrete slab as well as surfacing and landscaping.

My day-to-day role involves managing the foreman and workers on site, planning and programming, managing sub-contractors and materials for site.  I am also responsible for managing cost of the works to stay within budget and value engineering works where possible. I also get involved with tendering for future projects.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

  • The challenge of problem solving on a daily basis and creating solutions to overcome these problems - value engineering work.
  • Programming and planning tasks to optimise production.
  • Tendering work, building a programme and resourcing the labour and plant.
  • Satisfaction of completing work on time, within budget and seeing the finished product.

What is your greatest achievement at Dawnus?

  • Pricing a successful Iron Ore tender
  • Redesigning a site drainage layout which saved on time and cost
  • Managing a successful quarry section
  • Winning several tenders in the South East region

What are your future aspirations?

To become a Director of the company and gain experience working in different environments in various countries.

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