University: Bath
Civil Engineering
Thatcham - Arborfield Secondary School

What attracted you to Dawnus?

I wanted the ability to see progress on a project and get a feel for how a building site actually works.  Additionally, I wanted the opportunity to not spend my year in an office – a more hands on experience.

What were your day-to-day responsibilities?

  • General setting out – bases, drainage, landscaping etc.
  • Completing quality control and health and safety paperwork
  • Surveying for the purpose of as built surveys and CAD modelling tasks

What have you gained from your time at the company?

More confidence and improved interpersonal skills.  Greater ability to deal with problems by finding solutions rather than panicking.  Just generally a better understanding of the adult world of work and of dealing with people in a professional setting.

I have grown so much as a person and an engineer from doing this.  I have gained a tonne from it and it’s something you would never experience in a classroom or office setting.

What aspects of Dawnus life and culture did you enjoy?

I love the people that I worked with and I enjoyed the nature of the work not being entirely office based.  The variety of people you work with on site is completely different to any office environment, which is great.

The people I worked with obviously care deeply about the company and I think it shows in their dedication to their work.  The fact the procedure is followed so precisely is also reassuring, especially in terms of health and safety on site.

How has this placement helped with your career planning?

I know that I would find it difficult to spend all my time in an office.  I like being able to see physical progress and overcome visible problems.  I have realised that I care about the environmental aspects of construction and would like to look into sustainability work in the future.

What advice would you give to future placement students?

Make sure you spend time on site and see what the guys are doing, you learn so much just from watching, and it will be things that you never thought of before.

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