University: Swansea
Civil Engineering
South Wales - Pontarddulais Flood Alleviation Scheme

What attracted you to Dawnus?

Having just completed the first year of my course at University, I was looking to apply what I’d learned of the theory behind civil engineering into a practical role.  Dawnus are one of the fastest growing construction companies in the UK and being able to work on projects local to my address was a big incentive.

What were your day-to-day responsibilities?

I was involved with many different aspects of the site; from setting up the instruments at the start of the day, to providing information, marking out lines and taking levels, daily checks, quality control, and taking and recording readings from several different types of instruments.  If there was an issue it would need to be solved quickly and often required me to think on my feet.

What have you gained from your time at the company?

My work ethic has improved.  I’m more confident in my ability to meet necessary time constraints and can work effectively under pressure.  I’m able to think around challenges and solve problems differently.

What aspects of Dawnus life and culture did you enjoy?

Everyone is friendly and there is mutual respect for every role.  I felt that everyone was valued and had an important part to play, whether it was on site or in the office.  Everyone is very supportive and it is great to approach someone with a problem and not only come away with an answer, but with the method as to how the answer was reached. 

How has this placement helped with your career planning?

The placement has helped me gain a valuable insight into the way a site operates and the daily requirements for an engineer.  I feel confident that I would like to pursue this career and having the experience from a summer placement has motivated me to work harder at university to achieve my goals.

What advice would you give to future placement students?

What you put in is what you get out.  Work hard and it will be very rewarding.  You’ll learn far more than sitting in a lecture theatre!  Never stop asking questions and don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty!

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