Project Overview

The contract was for the demolition of the original multi-span reinforced concrete road bridge and design and installation of a replacement steel single span bridge over the Llandudno railway line on one of only two major routes in and out of the town. 

We also reconfigured a busy junction from a T junction to a roundabout and modernised the existing carriageway including resurfacing and white lining. We installed five traffic islands, street furniture and constructed significant footpaths/cyclepaths. 

The project included large volumes of drainage and significant service diversion. Existing services running through the bridge, including water, 11kV cable and gas, were temporarily diverted through an existing culvert under the track.  Having removed the signalling equipment and fencing, and surveyed the track, track protection and protection to communication troughs was installed. The demolition of the bridge was carried out over a five day track possession. 

The work was carried out adjacent to Conwy Golf Club, three residential housing estates and local businesses. Strict planning of deliveries, activities during night shift working, maintenance of the road closure diversion were all paramount to the successful completion of the project with minimal disturbance caused to the local area. 

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Project Value


Contract Period

41 weeks