Project Overview

Design and construction project for highway upgrades to a 2km length of the A452 Chester Road between the Tyburn Road/ Bagot Arms Junction and the M6 Junction 5. The works provide additional vehicle capacity improvements in order that existing traffic volumes can be better accommodated in this busy central Birmingham through road. 

The scheme was awarded on a two-stage basis with a 52 week Early Contractor Involvement phase prior to construction.  During the planning and execution of this scheme we proactively worked together to reduce risk, plan the phased delivery, develop the target cost and manage stakeholder expectations. 

The works were delivered within the live environment with large volumes of traffic and numerous local stakeholders including businesses and residents.  Works included: 

  • Alterations to the central island at the Bagot Arms junction to encourage two lanes of circulating traffic along with replacement of the existing Zebra crossings on each arm with Toucan crossings and a ‘Bus Gate’ on Tyburn Road out of the City to decrease travel time for public transport users.
  • Increasing junction capacity on the A38 approach to the Tyburn House Island from Kingsbury Road and the provision of a new Toucan crossing
  • Widening the link between the Tyburn House Island and Spitfire Island to three lanes for the full length in both directions.
  • Improvements at “Spitfire Island” to triple its capacity. Works included doubling the diameter of the existing gyratory, installing dedicated left hand turns at three approaches and signalizing the junctions
  • Widening the link road between Spitfire Island and the M6 Junction 5 Island to provide additional lanes.
  • Construction of an additional lane around the M6 Junction 5 Island and new signalisation of the approaches.
  • Diversion and renewal of existing utility services
  • Drainage works
  • Removal of existing trees/ vegetation – replacing with two trees for every tree removed
  • Bus stop and street furniture installation
  • Installation of artwork dedicated to local points and history within the roundabouts

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Project Value


Contract Period

121 weeks