Project Overview

This contract comprised the construction of a new 4km length of highway and cycleway, replacing part of the B3193 on the outskirts of the Dartmoor National Park in Devon.

The project also included the installation of two precast concrete arch bridge structures, surface water drainage, re-profiling of existing carriageway, road restraint systems, traffic signs, road lighting, construction of  a 2m wide cycle way and associated footpath, and a four arm roundabout (40m ICD) partly within existing public highway. 

We proposed innovative design solutions for the construction of two precast concrete bridges included in the project. We considered that the original design for the structures and retaining walls would be impossible to implement due to a 132Kv overhead cable that ran through the works area, restricting lifting operations. We proposed an alternative solution, using a BEBO Arch system to construct the bridges, with VSol precast concrete wall units designed to interlock with the BEBO system. This system was more practical to install and reduced waste through use of prefabricated components. 

Due to the sensitive location of the works, effective environmental management was key to the success of this scheme. One of the most important environmental issues was the protection of protected species which include badgers, bats and dormice. We held regular meetings with the Environment Agency representatives and wildlife specialists, to discuss local environment issues and any ideas to be incorporated. 

We also maximised the use of local SMEs, with the average distance travelled to site by subcontractors being 19.6 miles.

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Contract Period

75 weeks