Project Overview

This project involved provision of road and rail access for the Grande Côte Project, a major titanium and zircon mining operation. 

The project involved moving 1.6 million m³ of sand to form a 25km road and rail corridor, together with a processing area, 750m x 500m. The road carries the Client's large dredging and processing plant and machinery while the purpose of the rail is to transport the rich minerals from the sand dunes of the Southern Saharan Desert to the Atlantic Port of Dakar. The works also involved a Dredge Pit (379,000m³) and a parallel road (41,500m³). 

The Dawnus operation was led by an experienced international team, who used the experience they gained on our logistics corridor project in Sierra Leone to successfully deliver the project. We employed a local workforce under fair trade conditions, and have provided training to European standards in a variety of disciplines. We also provided over 50 items of earthmoving plant. 

To deliver the works within the tight programme our site teams have worked in 2 shifts, working 20 hour days per day for the majority of the time on site. 

Following the successful completion of the first phase of the Grande Côte Operations project, Dawnus also completed works on the second phase of the works for the Civil Earthworks. A significant portion of the project involved the excavation and structural concrete works for the mineral separation plant. 

This consisted of concrete structures for a wet and dry mill (including suspended slabs), product handling facility, illmenite storage and a train load out; the total volume of the works exceeding 10,000m³ of structural concrete. In order to meet the demands of the project as well as the strict quality standards defined by the Client, Dawnus set up their own independent batching plant which, at peak, was able to consistently batch an average of 50m³ per hour. 

In addition to the structural concrete works, Dawnus also installed and tested over 7500m of high pressure HDPE pipelines varying from 50mm to 600mm in diameter. The underground services were a vital part of the project, supplying fire, potable and process water lines to key areas of the site as well as carbon steel fuel lines for the on-site power station. 

Due to the location of the project, Dawnus were constantly presented with a number of logistical challenges but by working closely with a dedicated logistical department both in the UK and Senegal we were consistently able to meet very strict deadlines and supply vital resources to the remote project. It was Dawnus' ability to quickly react that led to a substantial amount of additional works by supplying an expert team of steel erectors, pipe fitters and belt splicers to commence the erection of the mineral separation plant and wet concentrate plant structures.

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98 weeks