Project Overview

Dawnus carried out the design and construction of the land-based civil engineering and construction for the pioneering Wave Hub project. The Wave Hub is essentially a large grid-connected socket on the seabed for wave energy devices to be tested on a scale not seen before. 

Dawnus' works included taking responsibility for the primary power transmission and data cables at low water level, burying these at least 2m below the lowest recorded beach level, constructing a splitter joint beneath the beach and routing the cables under the dunes to a purpose-built substation and control building, with a grid connection. 

The beach works involved close co-operation with the specialist marine contractor, including mobilising winch and cable handling facilities to pull the cable in from the laying vessel, which stood 2km off-shore. The joint beneath the beach was constructed within a purpose-built cofferdam, designed to maintain a water-tight environment under all tidal conditions, so the twin 33KVa and twin-fibre-optic cables could be jointed to the landward cables. 

On the landward side of the beach we constructed a new substation facility with external transformers and control and monitoring equipment to record power transmission from the devices under test. The installation of the power control and transmission equipment was let under a separate contract, but Dawnus' contract included management of those works and co-ordination of the entire landside operations.

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Contract Period

42 weeks