Project Overview

This project involved improvement and repair works to Princess Promenade on the north side of Torquay Harbour, over two phases, to return it to its former splendour.  The restoration forms part of the regeneration plan for Torquay’s Waterfront. 

Phase 1 involved the restoration of Eastern Princess Promenade, including the demolition of the existing concrete deck slab and secondary beams while retaining the principal front and rear beams. Due to the dilapidated nature of the Promenade, demolition was carried out using a crane barge within the harbour. To maintain the integrity of the retained beams, hydrodemolition was used to remove the secondary beams and expose the reinforcement for reuse in the connections to the new precast beams. 

Dawnus were subsequently awarded the second phase of the works to redevelop the banjo adjoining the promenade. This contract included the demolition of the existing two level banjo and its replacement with a wider single level structure. We also carried out the design and installation of cathodic protection to the Promenade.  We employed a specialist consultant to complete the design, and carried out the majority of the installation works using our in-house resources, supervised by our consultants. 

Princess Promenade is located in a very busy and sensitive marine area, surrounded by hotels, restaurants and shops. The area is famous for its ‘English Riviera’ status and the famed South West Coastal Path. In addition to the highly populated area, the works were bounded by the sea and also historic gardens, so access and environmental issues required careful consideration and planning. 

Dawnus were awarded a Gold Considerate Constructors Award for this project. The project team achieved an excellent score of 44/50, and was awarded the highest level Award by the CCS.

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