Project Overview

The project consisted of the following elements: 

  • Construction of a split level waste recycling centre on piled foundations
  • 25Km cycle track with road lighting
  • National Standard BMX Track
  • Changing rooms (including meeting room, toilets, showers, kitchen, bike store)
  • Camping area
  • Car park
  • Highway improvements
  • Footpaths and landscaping 

The site is a former landfill site, adjacent to a main watercourse, so is a very environmentally sensitive area. The HWRC was constructed on over a 1000 VCC piles founded at 8m depth into glacial till. This method of piling was chosen to prevent the migration of leachate into the underlying aquifer. The site team were able to lower the proposed piling platform level to the pile cut off level, which generated fill for the shoulders, negating the need for any imported materials for this element of the works. 

Due to the economic downturn, surplus fill was not being generated in the area to fill the cycle track area to the correct profile. Dawnus worked with the client to redesign the drainage around the track to come up with a new profile that would work. Imported fill was still required and we reprogrammed the works in such a way that it balanced with the import availability. Towards the end of the contract there was a surge in available fill and this was used to construct a viewing bund and elevated footway for spectators to view cycling events. A total of 35,000t of fill was imported for the cycle track works. 

All of the drainage from the cycle track drains into a large central pond and reed bed before out falling into the estuary. The pond was lined with the latest lining techniques to prevent downward water seepage through the original landfill and into the River Clwyd. 

The project was awarded the ICE Roy Edwards Award 2011.

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Project Value


Contract Period

52 weeks