Project Overview

This project comprised the design and construction of new pontoon facilities at Brixham and Torquay Harbours to accommodate ferry craft mooring and passenger access for ferry operations.

The works consisted of the design and installation of two ferry berths in Brixham and Torquay Harbours. The old pontoon, brow and existing piles in Torquay Harbour were removed as part of the preparatory works ahead of the new installation works. The existing brow was inspected, modified, refurbished and reused as part of the work, providing wheelchair and pedestrian access to ferry services. 

The works involved the installation of 11 steel tubular piles and the lifting and placement of two access bridges, 36m long, weighing 14 tonnes each, within the busy harbours at each end. 

The works at both locations involved rock-socketed piles installed from marine plant, fabrication and installation of new pontoons, brows and bank seats. 

Dawnus carried out the design for the piling and the pontoons, and identified numerous value engineering initiatives, including the reconfiguration of the pontoon and piling layout to achieve cost savings. 

The tender concept design was taken and re-designed to extend the existing bridge, reducing the number of piles and altered the pontoon design. The existing plant room and duct systems were used at Torquay; this reduced the trenching requirements and removed the need for an electrical kiosk.    

All the works were undertaken in busy harbour environments and required close liaison with existing marine and land users during the planning and execution stages of the work.

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Contract Period

27 weeks