Dawnus is a different kind of construction company. Our unique approach to planning and delivering our projects sets us apart from our peers and provides best value for our clients.

Our approach is based on the concept of a virtuous circle, where every aspect of delivery contributes to developing our approach, allowing us to continually improve the service we offer.

We take an analytical integrated engineering approach to our projects. This means that we draw on the expertise of our teams to thoroughly plan our projects based on the most appropriate methods and thereby develop robust, balanced and reliable solutions.

Our approach is founded on a direct delivery philosophy. We aim to deliver as much of our projects as possible using our in-house resources. This provides cost control, quality and flexibility of delivery, and reduces the number of parties seeking to profit from the works. We directly employ a diverse workforce of skilled operatives and tradesmen, and we maintain a large, varied and modern plant holding.

Our projects are led by highly skilled, professional teams that combine all our expertise  with that of clients, consultants and the supply chain in a collaborative manner.

A key feature of our approach is that we assemble a core team at the initial enquiry stage, who then go on to, plan, programme and manage the project at through to completion, ensuring understanding and continuity from tender through delivery and completion

Our approach depends on retaining, training and developing our employees. We employ on a career basis, rather than for the length of a project only, and we invest heavily in developing our workforce at all levels. We operate a unique Graduate Further Learning Scheme for employees, accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

As our teams work on all stages of the project, from tender stage to completion, they gain a comprehensive knowledge of the project process, from planning and programming to practical site issues. We implement feedback and learning processes to ensure that we capture and share information about our performance and continually improve our service.

In addition to self-delivery of civil engineering works the Dawnus Group offers a range of complementary services through our subsidiary companies:

Quantum Geotechnical, a direct geotechnical investigation and geo-contracting team who assess and manage ground risk.

Legsun Building Services,  which enables us to directly deliver mechanical and electrical services and control these critical tasks in-house

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