13 April 2018

Dawnus has started work on the first major contract for the regeneration of Swansea City Centre.

Dawnus has been appointed to deliver the main construction works to transform the Kingsway area incorporating new public areas, landscaped park land, cycle tracks and a two-way single lane vehicle route along with the creation of wider pedestrian walkways. The infrastructure works will set the scene for a new, state-of-the-art digital village development for tech businesses on the Kingsway.

The proposals seek to create a more attractive environment for people to live, work and visit. Turning the Kingsway from a largely car dominated environment in to a more people friendly space which encourages walking and cycling as well as creating opportunities for people to sit and relax.

Works have now started on the new pedestrian areas along the southbound carriageway (metro track), which will be a phased programme of works running until the Autumn.

Dawnus is a Swansea based contractor with over 250 employees who live the in the Swansea Bay City Region. Dawnus has assembled a local team to work collaboratively with the Swansea Council, with a vested interest to deliver high quality works that will set the standard for future development in the City.

Regional Director Matthew Morgan said: “We are delighted to be working with Swansea Council on this first phase of transformation to the City Centre. Dawnus is an international business, but our roots are very much in South West Wales.”

“We are committed to working with the Authority, stakeholders and wider community to deliver added value through community benefits and employment opportunities in addition to the sustained employment of our local workforce. We will work with businesses and the general public through a dedicated Stakeholder Manager to minimise the disruption during the works, and appreciate everybody’s co-operation in this regard.”

Rob Stewart, Leader of Swansea Council, said: "This is real progress and it's something people can see happening. It is not an artist impression but the first step in the transformation of our city that will benefit generations to come."

He added: "We want to transform the city centre into a vibrant and bustling centre for business and leisure. The investment in the new city green artery and new traffic system will prepare the Kingsway for its transformation into the Digital District as we start to deliver the £1.3bn City Deal projects."

Swansea BID chair Juliet Luporini also emphasised the point that businesses in and around the Kingsway would be operating as normal throughout the redevelopment. She said: "It is important that we continue to support the businesses along the Kingsway, Orchard Street and beyond during the delivery of this important scheme - it will be very much business as usual for them during these works - so we encourage shoppers to continue supporting them throughout, while our new Swansea City Centre takes shape."

The Kingsway Infrastructure Project includes £4.5 million of WEFO funding which assists with the demolition and refurbishment of buildings.