30 April 2018

Works are nearly complete on our Wirral Dock bridges project for Wirral Council, with ‘A’ Bridge transported and lifted into position on the 22nd of April. The scheme involves the demolition of two bridges on the A554 Tower Road, and replacement with a fixed precast composite bridge deck and a hydraulically operated rolling bascule bridge.


The bridge was lifted into position during a five-day shipping lane closure and now links Alfred Dock and East Float, connecting Birkenhead and Wallasey. The bridge weighs 450 tonnes and was lifted by two 10 axle rubber tyred bogeys and driven onto a 60m long barge. It was then rotated, floated into the adjacent dock, rotated again and brought by tug boats to its final location. The bridge was lowered into place by the bogeys; an operation taking 12 hours as the bridge had to be placed to an accuracy of +/-2mm.


The bridge mechanism now has to be tested, and must open and close successfully 40 times before it can be opened to traffic. The team are working hard to get it ready as soon as possible.